I want to thank this following blogs for making my dash quality everyday, have a lovely Christmas everyone and a happy new year! (No particular order):

❄ rockinwithbieber ❄ bbiebber ❄ styleslikeharry ❄ ayearwithoutmistletoe ❄ feedyouraddiction ❄ likeadirectionerbitch ❄oldsummers ❄niallinmypants ❄led-me-to-a-miracle ❄ -1directioners ❄ bieberbief ❄ whenbiebersmile ❄belebieberboy ❄ itslikebieber ❄ kidrauhlsupporter ❄ dancewithstyles ❄ christmasbieber ❄ happinessishardtofind ❄thebieberbanana ❄slytherinschmidt ❄ melodyofswift ❄ thinkinghatesme ❄ the1dblog ❄kidrauhlprince ❄ papacitobieber ❄ ohilovehowumakemefeel ❄ beautifulonedirection ❄ rubixcubee ❄ 

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